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Meet our Crew!

The first-class crew at Land Cruise is the foundation of your exceptional travel experience. 

Russ, Monica, Will and Anna, your third and fourth generation Cruise Directors. 

About us: Monica worked as a registered nurse until joining the Land Cruise team in 2016 as the Customer Service Manager and Social Media Manager before becoming the President of Land Cruise in 2021. Russ has a wide skillset that serves Land Cruise well as the Vice President. Together, Russ and Monica make a great team. Will is excellent at loading and unloading luggage, although perhaps he will soon be too tall to fit in the luggage bays. Anna is a mini-Cruise Director and poised to take over the company as soon as her parents retire.

Merrill and Cindi Phillips, Cruise Director emeritus, are the founders of Land Cruise. They remain engaged in the company advising, encouring, leading tours, and doing absolutely anything that needs to be done. They are the best of the VERY best!

Tracy Kuehnert joined the team in 2021.  When not leading tours she is keeps busy running the White Swan Dry-Cleaning business and spending time with her grandson. Tracy is the bride of Keith Kuehnert, a beloved driver for Land Cruise. Tracy's wit and lightheartedness and Keith's decade of experience driving for Land Cruise makes them the perfect team to serve you on your next Land Cruise. 

Ed and Mable Mendoza are the newest members of the team. The Mendozas oversee the operations of Land Cruise and serve as Cruise Directors. Their love for travel, adventure, people and ice cream make them a seamless fit into the Land Cruise family. 

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